Nintendo Switch – The Soulless Console

nintendo switch

Author: Blake Biehle

I love my Nintendo Switch, but does anyone else agree with me when I say that the Nintendo Switch has by far the least amount of personality of any Nintendo Console? Most of this post will be nitpicking, but I believe it’s important to point out. I want it to feel like a NINTENDO console and not anything but.

First of all, when you first boot up the Nintendo Switch, you’ll notice that it is DEAD silent. There is no home theme music to be heard! I’m not sure if this will be added in the future, but I sure hope it is. I used to always leave my consoles on so I could just relax to Nintendo’s charming jams. They were always just so Nintendo-like. Speaking of a lack of jams, when you open the Nintendo Switch eShop, once again, the dead silence is back with a vengeance. For whatever reason, Nintendo has not even added any shopping music. With the home menu, I could understand. Maybe some people don’t want to listen to music when they just want to launch their game and go. But when you are SHOPPING, music NEEDS to be a necessity. How can you remove the shopping theme Nintendo? You’ve been known to add such charming music to your menu’s and I miss them! The Nintendo Switch even hides the mii app. You can’t access it immediately from the home menu, you have to look in the options to access it. The switch quite literally has no apps for you to enjoy, no news channel, or miiverse, nothing. It just seems so empty. I’m sure Nintendo is working on fixing this, but it still was rather disappointing, at least for me, considering I actually loved looking around on all of their apps. It made it feel like I was a part of the Nintendo community.

My theory for this lack of a soul, would be that they wanted to ship this console out on time for Breath of the Wild. This was a smart move if that is so, because honestly, not too many people bought it for the Wii U. I know there was a decent amount, but the main appeal for that game was the fact that it was being sold at launch for a new console.

Do you guys feel the same way about the Switch’s lack of character? Leave a comment if you agree or disagree below!