Pro Overwatch Player uses Eye Tracker

Post by- Darrell Keller

Pro Overwatch player and youtuber “Unit Lost” decided to use a Eye Tracker on his past few games after seeing a reddit user post his own eye scanner video. Unit Lost is a Grandmaster level player that has predicted many of the overwatch updates before they happened, and has discussed some of the problems that some characters had before they got patched. Because of this he has a big influence in the Overwatch community. That being said, will this video encourage other serious Overwatch players to use eye scanners as well? Maybe, but the average Overwatch player wouldn’t care enough about the game to get an eye tracker and would probably just take unit lost’s word for it and follow the advice given in his video.

Unit lost or “stylosa” suggests that people should check the kill feed to see who is doing good work on both teams, focus straight ahead on the enemy and using your peripherals to find the next enemy. He also checks his own stats to see if he’s doing work, and if he isn’t he’d know to switch.

I personally thought this was incredibly interesting just to see how skilled people play a video game and how they use the layout of the game to their advantage. And I hope to see more videos like this from him.


Overwatch Uprising launched yesterday

Post by: Darrell Keller

Overwatch Uprising is the first time a story mission has ever been introduced to Overwatch. This was a glimpse into Tracers first mission to subdue the Null Sector terrorists in London, and I’ve got to say, it’s absolutely fantastic. You can either choose to play the event as the lore intended or play any heroes you want. When you play the event as the 4 characters, Torbjorn, Mercy, Tracer, and Reinhardt, the characters interact with each other and you get to hear how Reyes (Reaper) sounds before he turns into a Talon agent. Yes, the AI is simple, and yes, they’ve reskinned some heroes to fight as mini-bosses, but it all works. The gameplay is easy to understand, well made, fun, and it comes in 3 parts.

1st, you’ll have to hack three omnic terminals with Torbjorn’s floating drone. This part feels much like taking points in a pvp game, but with an endless stream of enemies coming at you.


2nd, your team will have to defend and move a payload containing a bomb. This one comes in two parts, holding the payload down while it gets ready, and then carrying it to the door that needs to be detonated. Unlike other payload games, this payload has a health bar in the top right corner that needs to be protected against NEW AI called slicers and detonators. These AI have unique ways of taking out the payload, so watch out.


3rd, you’ll have to take out the 4 OR14-NS units that seem to be heading the terrorist operation. This part gets tough because (I’m fairly sure) there’s 4 bastion units to take care of as well.


Overall, this event has been the most fun I’ve had on overwatch in a long time. It offered story to what was only a multiplayer experience, something that, if I’m not mistaken, has never been done before and is only possible due to the update-able format that Overwatch has. The blizzard team now has the opportunity to add even more missions to the story, and perhaps even develop a story mode. I can’t wait.



If you have not seen Overwatch’s new insurrection, you need to see it now. This trailer announces a feature long time fans have been waiting for since the game was officially launched in 2016, story based PVE. This means we get to play through some of the explosive adventures these exciting characters have gone through and actually play the lore!

Blizzard almost HAD to do this though. They’ve introduced these amazing characters that have interacted with each other, each with their own ties to the organization that is Overwatch, and what do they do with it? Throw it all out the window, and have everyone just bash each other senselessly, regardless of their current faction, and team up with the enemy. As a fan, I want to know more about the characters, I want to know the lore, and I want to connect with the characters. If everything goes well, Insurrection will be fans first chance to experience all of those things. It even has new skins, for those fans that want the full experience. (including cyborg genji)

Hints from the “Uprising” Overwatch Comic

Post by: Darrell Keller

The new “Uprising” comic explores a little bit more of the Overwatch lore, and the politics of having elite hero squadrons. McCree finds some anti-air omnics in London and reports this back to Reyes, the leader of Blackwatch, the covert ops version of Overwatch. The leaders of Overwatch, Jack and Ana, have no idea what is going on but feel like they must do something about the terrorist attacks in London. This alludes to the seasonal event that overwatch has been building. Hopefully, players of overwatch will get to play through the events happening after the comic as a PVE. Along with this, there may be a myriad of new skins. It isn’t too much of a stretch to say that some of the overwatch variations and this new Genji skin (shown below) will be introduced to the game when the event launches. After all, the concept art is already drawn in the comic.

Genji still has his left nip

The comic also leaves us with a few questions that are left unanswered

  • What happens to Mondatta? We know he dies one year before the game takes place, and this comic seems to be quite some time before that.
  • Where did Tracer get that sweet Jacket?
  • How did Genji lose his left nipple?
  • Why is Torbjorn so salty?
  • How did Reyes get on the side of Talon?

In any case, it’s great that the Overwatch team has decided to delve deeper into it’s own lore, instead of giving us tabloid comics like the one they did for Christmas. It adds depth to the characters and gives players a story that helps them bond with the game. I look forward to the future event, especially if it ends up being a PVE.

Wot in tarnation are they doing to Lucio

Jeff Kaplan said during a reddit AMA that lucio didn’t feel “impactful” despite him being a very strong support character with a high pick percentage. Despite all the stats that say he’s a great character, he’s pretty boring to play. He has an aura heal and a weak weapon (Torbjorn’s turret does more damage). Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like you’re contributing to the game. Lucio has been updated in the PTR and he’s incredibly different. Now, instead of being the weak character he used to be, he’s a high speed close range healer. His healing is still an aura, but the aura’s range has been reduced to 1/3 of its existing value and heals for 50% more.

Wot in sound vibration

He also has a 25% increased damage value and a 20% speed boost while wall riding. This increased his survivability to brand new levels. His newfound speed and buffed healing made him nearly impossible to kill, so unfortunately, as of now, his self-healing has been reduced to be back to normal levels (20 hps). Stay tuned for more Jeff Kaplan news.maxresdefault

Possible Overwatch Ana nerfs

By: Darrell Keller

Every season in overwatch there has been a go-to hero that has a slight edge over the rest of the characters in the game. Last season, that character was When was first introduced to the game she was a bit weak and got a few buffs here and there until they completely reworked her and her defence matrix. After that buff, she was incredibly hard to kill. It would sometimes take three players to take out one player, and this was for a number of reasons. She had too much armor and had a great ability, the defence matrix, to block damage. The have since removed much of her armor, and now she is rarely even played because she is a tad bit fragile for a tank character.

I bring up and her nerfs because I feel like the blizzard team is doing a similar thing with Ana.

My favorite grandma sniper

The problem with Ana, was that she did too much damage as a support character, she could heal herself, and stun enemies. This is a kind of kit all the other support heroes simply didn’t have. Blizzard is only now realizing this, and they wanted to nerf the cookies out of this elderly sniper lady. The initial nerf took 50% of the healing AND damage from her biotic grenade drastically affecting her overall utility. They went even further with this nerf and dropped her damage from 80 damage per bullet to 60. Recently, the team decided the nerf was a bit heavy handed and removed the nerf on the grenade, but kept the nerf on the bullet damage.

I myself am not much of an Ana player. I prefer to be in the heart of the battle instead of on the sidelines, but I’ve also never had that much trouble from Ana. In most matches, it’s customary to kill the healer first, and it’s a habit I gladly partake in. That being said, I still have been killed by Ana more than any other healer in the game, including Zenyatta, who is basically meant to do damage. I think reducing the bullet damage would definitely prevent her from being the cutthroat healer she is, and help other people deal with her easier.

Overwatch Orisa

Post by: Darrell Keller

Overwatch has released a new hero, and to everyone’s surprise, it is not doomfist. Orisa is the new tank hero in overwatch, and she’s unique in that she doesn’t really have an extensive history because she’s the only hero to just be created. Her creator Efi had made her in a response to the Numbani airport, where Doomfist attacked OR-15 units and took off with the Doomfist Gauntlet. After this incident, many of the citizens of Numbani believed that these defence units were useless and were decommissioned. Efi used the decommissioned robot as a frame for her new bot, made some adjustments and added personality to the robot resulting in our new quadruped hero.

Meet Orisa.

But what can Orisa actually do?

Quotes from Overwatch’s official website

Fusion driver-

“Orisa’s automatic projectile cannon delivers sustained damage, but slows her movement while she fires it.”

This ability does 12 damage per bullet at a rate of 12 bullets per second, and with a magazine of 200 bullets per reload she is effectively a walking minigun.


“Orisa temporarily reduces damage she takes, and cannot be affected by action-impairing effects.”

She takes 50% less damage during this abilities duration and cannot be affected by CC for 4 seconds.


Basically a mini Zarya Ultimate. Orisa launches one of these and people in range will be pulled in for 1 second. She can do this EVERY 8 seconds.

Protective Barrier-

Orisa throws out a shield with 900 health that last for 20 seconds. She can do this every 12 seconds.


Orisa’s ultimate throws out a destructible supercharger that buffs teammates for 50% damage if they are within 30m of the item.

The supercharger only has 200 health so be prepared to protect it.

After reviewing some gameplay from youtuber unit lost, Orisa looks VERY powerful. I can’t wait to play her in the upcoming update.