Interested in a variety of random, yet intriguing, video game topics? Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just getting into gaming, there will be something to appeal to everyone at The Gamer’s Smorgasbord. Below you’ll find more information on the different bloggers for this page and the topics they’ll be covering in their weekly posts.

Blake Biehle – Arts & Technology Major at The University of Texas at Dallas, aspiring to become a 3D modeler/ Environmental artist in the gaming industry. Within my blog posts I will be primarily talking about all things related to the Nintendo company and their games.

Pascal Cuestas – Arts & Technology Major at The University of Texas at Dallas, with 3D modeling being my main focus. With my blog posts I plan on analyzing recent and future fighting games primarily for Xbox and PlayStation.

Darrell Keller – Transfer student from UHCL in Houston Tx, now Majoring in UTD’s ATEC program. Darrell Keller is focusing on App development, but may play a few games of overwatch in the meantime.

Aaron Pak – Arts & Technology Major at The University of Texas at Dallas, focusing on game design, level design and scripting. My blog posts will be focusing mainly on Virtual Reality, indie games and new technology related to game development.

James Popiel –

Liam Riker – Arts & Technology Major at The University of Texas at Dallas, looking to get into the Game Design industry as a game designer/level designer/narrative designer. In my blog posts I will be writing about Action Role-Playing Games, and will be giving extra attention to a couple of my personal favorites: the Kingdom Hearts series and the “Souls” games. Throughout my posts, I will often take the time to thoroughly analyze certain elements of various ARPG’s, from storytelling/narrative to level design and gameplay.

Sharon Salazar – EMAC (Emerging Media and Communications) major at The University of Texas at Dallas, I currently work for Microsoft in the gaming media department focusing on PC ,VR and Xbox games. My blog post will consist of a dynamic list of horror video games suitable for consoles and desktop users.

This is a blog for our ATEC 3325 – Computer Mediated Communication class run by Blake, Pascal, Darrell, Aaron, James, Liam and Sharon.