Joker in Injustice 2? How did he come back to life?


Posted by Pascal C.

The Joker has been added to the official character roster. It does not come as to much of a surprise considering he is the most popular villain in the batman universe but, his role in the story of injustice 2 does bring questions. The joker was killed by superman in Injustice 2 so it is a little confusing on why he is still in the story mode. Sure with supernatural characters like doctor fate and futuristic characters like Braniac that question could be answered with resurrection or time travel but it is still fun to think about the possibilities that the Nethrealm team comes up with.

The joker’s game play was shown and he seems to play pretty much identical to the past Injustice 1 joker aside from a more flashier super move. What does seem new and cool is the number of costume changes that the joker has access to. Injustice 2 is focusing more time on customization with the characters and the joker has the best costume options so far.


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