Pro Overwatch Player uses Eye Tracker

Post by- Darrell Keller

Pro Overwatch player and youtuber “Unit Lost” decided to use a Eye Tracker on his past few games after seeing a reddit user post his own eye scanner video. Unit Lost is a Grandmaster level player that has predicted many of the overwatch updates before they happened, and has discussed some of the problems that some characters had before they got patched. Because of this he has a big influence in the Overwatch community. That being said, will this video encourage other serious Overwatch players to use eye scanners as well? Maybe, but the average Overwatch player wouldn’t care enough about the game to get an eye tracker and would probably just take unit lost’s word for it and follow the advice given in his video.

Unit lost or “stylosa” suggests that people should check the kill feed to see who is doing good work on both teams, focus straight ahead on the enemy and using your peripherals to find the next enemy. He also checks his own stats to see if he’s doing work, and if he isn’t he’d know to switch.

I personally thought this was incredibly interesting just to see how skilled people play a video game and how they use the layout of the game to their advantage. And I hope to see more videos like this from him.


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