Why I’m bummed Z-Moves replaced Mega Evolutions


Author: Blake Biehle

Before I begin, let me explain that I thoroughly enjoyed the Pokemon Sun and Moon series. It was ingenious of Nintendo to mix up the Pokemon formula quite drastically. It kept the series feeling fresh, even with its 7th generation. However, one feature I am still bummed about that they scrapped, was mega evolutions. I’m sure they had their reasons, primarily the fact that Z-moves were being introduced, but it would have been very cool if they could somehow include mega evolutions into it all. I’m not sure if this is a popular opinion, but I believe that mega evolutions have much more potential for creativity and strategy than Z-moves. Z-moves just seem like an overpowered cool move that you can use on your opponent at any given time. I know that there is strategy implemented with them, like when you should use which specific Z-move on your team against a specific opponent, but in my eyes, it is rather underwhelming. It is a singular move. With mega evolutions, some Pokemon that were previously considered unusable, became competitively viable! It also gave them a brand new transformation, and sometimes your type would change depending on the mega evolution. I thought mega evolutions were a fun mechanic, and I’ll always be a little bummed that Pokemon Sun and Moon will never offer new mega evolutions. Hopefully in future iterations of the games they’ll see a return.

Anyway, that’s my opinion on Mega Evolutions and their replacement, Z-moves. Do you agree with what I had to say? Do you disagree? Why? Leave a comment below!


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