What makes Kirby so dang enjoyable? (part 2)

Kirby 2

Author: Blake Biehle

This is part 2 of me breaking down why Kirby games are so dang enjoyable. If you want to read part 1, click here. Alright, let’s continue!

Reason number three for why Kirby games are so enjoyable, at least in my opinion, would be the fact that there is a wide variety of moves for each special power of Kirby’s. This reasoning does not go for all traditional Kirby games, but a large majority of them allow Kirby to use more than one move with any special ability. It is this wide variety that I adore with Kirby games. It just adds a whole new aspect to how you can play the game. There is a lot of discovering what moves work best around which enemies, and creates a lot of replayability.

And last but not least, we have my final reason for why Kirby games are so dang enjoyable. Now this reason might be due to the fact that I have an extremely short attention span, but it is a strong reason nonetheless in my eyes. Kirby games are EXTREMELY fast paced! There is no tutorial, you just drop in and go. Not only do they just drop you in, but the Kirby levels are usually pretty short. This is in order to keep the experience from getting stale with long drawn out levels. I absolutely adore the fast pace of Kirby games. I am always constantly entertained with these games and they always leave a smile on my face. The OST also enhances this fast pace and upbeat gameplay. Kirby OSTs are always filled with very energetic and catchy tunes that you can’t NOT hum to. These are the kind of songs that will haunt your dreams at night due to the catchiness so watch out. The OST further amplifies that sense of quick pace though because it just adds to the energy released throughout the game.

Well, that concludes my reasons for what makes Kirby games so dang enjoyable. Hope you liked it! Do you agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below!


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