Super Mario Sunshine – The best 3D Mario game…. In my eyes (Part 1)

Super Mario Sunshine

Author: Blake Biehle

In preparation for the new 3D Mario game named “Super Mario Odyssey”, I would like to talk about my favorite 3D Mario game of all time, Super Mario Sunshine. I’m not sure if it’s the nostalgia, or the beautiful visuals, but Super Mario Sunshine has always been a cherished game of mine. I’ve had so many fond memories of Super Mario Sunshine, whether they include me admiring its beauty or ripping my hair out. Either way, these memories are quite memorable.

So, why IS Super Mario Sunshine my favorite Mario game? Well for one, this game has a very open world like feel. What I mean by that is, you can choose what levels you want to play from whichever world whenever you want given you have the materials to access the world. I absolutely adore this feature, especially given that most Mario games do not include this due to the series’ popular formula of linearity. The open world feature really gives the player enough freedom to do as they please. If you are stuck on a level you can simply hop to another world, and believe me you will get stuck. I consider this Mario game to be one of the hardest in the series and this is the second reason it is my favorite Mario game of all time.

As I mentioned above, the second reason that Super Mario Sunshine is my favorite 3D Mario game of all time, is the fact that it is quite challenging. If you’ve asked any fan of the game, they would agree with me. This game is exceedingly hard, especially for 10-year-old me! There have been times that I wanted to throw my disk out the window or snap it like a twig. It can be so infuriating! Some of these levels are just so frustratingly hard that they require you to adapt to the controls like no other Mario game. Now some people may think that this is a bad thing, but for me, it had a positive influence. It left me wanting more. I wanted to prove to the game and myself that I could beat these hard levels. I was committed. This addicting factor made the game that much more enjoyable. And of course, not all levels were like this. In fact, a large majority of the levels were of normal difficulty. Of the few that were hard though, they were VERY difficult.

And this wraps up Part 1 of Why Super Mario Sunshine is my favorite 3D Mario Game. I’ll be writing more on this soon! Do you agree with my opinion of Super Mario Sunshine? Why or why not? What is your favorite Mario Game? Leave a comment below!


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