Is Dead Space the scariest game ever?

How would you feel being isolated with horrific monsters in a scary environment? Well, the survival horror game Dead Space makes it happen. From the moment, you start the game your heart accelerates and it gives you no time to prepare for the mission.


The game was first released in October 2008 for all major game platforms (Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, and PlayStation 3). The story takes place in the future where the main protagonist Isaac Clarke is an engineer who is in control of an interstellar mining ship. The place is overrun by strange aliens that murder the entire crew in the starship. The crew corpses were mutated to ‘Necromorphs’ a horrific new creature combine with an alien infection. Shortly after the alien attack, the ship system is corrupted and it’s up to Isaac Clarke to fix the ship and find survivors. The fun begins when Isaac is determined to escape the ship by exploring the halls and rooms. It can take up to 14 hours to escape the ship. The game has many jumpy surprises in the most unexpected ways they find easy techniques to scare the player. Dead Space tops the horror genre to another level bringing the action, intensity and extreme violent to the game. If you like survival horror and action games this is the perfect dead match to play in the dark.


The game success fulfilled the need of the players by creating sequels, Dead Space: ExtractionDead Space 2 and Dead Space 3.  Recently the game lower the price for PC lovers on the windows operating systems for only $9.69.


Author: Sharon Salazar


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