Top 3 Best Super Moves in Injustice 2

flash super

Post by Pascal C.

1. The Flash had one of the best super moves in the past Injustice Game where he would run around the entire world winding up and then delivering a final punch. In this game the Flash outdoes himself by traveling so fast that he warps back in time and punches and drags the opposing character into dinosaurs and Egyptian pyramids.

auqa man.png

2. Aqua man also had one of the best super moves in the past game where he would feed the opponent to a shark. This Time he slashes his opponents with his trident and drags then into the ocean where this time he feeds his opponent to a huge sea monster. It sounds similar to the last super move but it really is amazing to look at.

bman super

3. Batman of course had to have an awesome super moves in the game considering he is one of the most popular characters. In his supermove Batman has his Bat-Copter pull the opponent high into the night sky and then sequentially release him and begins shooting bullets and missiles at the opponent from the Bat-Copter until he falls to the ground. This supermove is  all flash and has that powerful impact feeling from the missiles.


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