Top 3 lackluster character super moves in Injustice 2

Post by Pascal C.

Netherrealm studio is know for the highly popular Moral Kombat franchise.  Every Mortal Kombat game has awesomely gruesome fatalities that the fans look forward to witnessing.  Injustice 2 made by the same game studio has character super moves instead of fatalities. There have been over 15 characters released for Injustice so far and here are the top 5 most disappointing super moves.

1 Dr. Fate

dr fate

Dr Fate’s super move  consists of him dragging the opponent character into a different dimension where he has his cross symbols pushing the opposing character around until the Dr. Fate pulls the character back into the real world. What makes this super move so uneventful, is the fact that there is no blast or final impact in the super move. Yes the cross symbols push the opponents around while draining his health bar, but I feel that a super move must have brute force from a blast or impact that the player can see and feel figuratively. Dr fate may be a cool character but his super move lacks that sting and pain that is evident in other super moves or Mortal Kombat fatalities.

2. Black Canary has the most boring super move in the game so far. It has the impact and sting that Dr. Fate’s super move was lacking, but her’s is just to simple. Black Canaries super move has her  throwing her opponent to the ground and yelling or using her super canary scream on the downed opponent. That is it. The difference is that her scream is a lot louder than before and causes more damage. Not good enough for a super move in my opinion.

black canary

3. Gorilla Grod is is a highly evolved gorilla with a mind so powerful that he can use telepathy and telekinesis against his foes. He can control the minds of his opponents as well as beat them down with his super strength. With all this said, Gorilla Grod’s super move is a disappointment. He first grabs the opponent and slams them in the ground a couple times. This is okay, but I’d rather see some more brutal animations from a gorilla. Then after he slams them down, he uses his brain to tear apart the opponents mind. That is cool and everything, but all the player sees is a gorilla yelling at the opponent with his brain waves crushing their head. The game needed the show the brutal and primal side of Gorilla Grod to do this character justice, but the brutality and rage is just lacking.gorilla grod


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