Overwatch Uprising launched yesterday

Post by: Darrell Keller

Overwatch Uprising is the first time a story mission has ever been introduced to Overwatch. This was a glimpse into Tracers first mission to subdue the Null Sector terrorists in London, and I’ve got to say, it’s absolutely fantastic. You can either choose to play the event as the lore intended or play any heroes you want. When you play the event as the 4 characters, Torbjorn, Mercy, Tracer, and Reinhardt, the characters interact with each other and you get to hear how Reyes (Reaper) sounds before he turns into a Talon agent. Yes, the AI is simple, and yes, they’ve reskinned some heroes to fight as mini-bosses, but it all works. The gameplay is easy to understand, well made, fun, and it comes in 3 parts.

1st, you’ll have to hack three omnic terminals with Torbjorn’s floating drone. This part feels much like taking points in a pvp game, but with an endless stream of enemies coming at you.


2nd, your team will have to defend and move a payload containing a bomb. This oneĀ comes in two parts, holding the payload down while it gets ready, and then carrying it to the door that needs to be detonated. Unlike other payload games, this payload has a health bar in the top right corner that needs to be protected against NEW AI called slicers and detonators. These AI have unique ways of taking out the payload, so watch out.


3rd, you’ll have to take out the 4 OR14-NS units that seem to be heading the terrorist operation. This part gets tough because (I’m fairly sure) there’s 4 bastion units to take care of as well.


Overall, this event has been the most fun I’ve had on overwatch in a long time. It offered story to what was only a multiplayer experience, something that, if I’m not mistaken, has never been done before and is only possible due to the update-able format that Overwatch has. The blizzard team now has the opportunity to add even more missions to the story, and perhaps even develop a story mode. I can’t wait.



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