If you have not seen Overwatch’s new insurrection, you need to see it now. This trailer announces a feature long time fans have been waiting for since the game was officially launched in 2016, story based PVE. This means we get to play through some of the explosive adventures these exciting characters have gone through and actually play the lore!

Blizzard almost HAD to do this though. They’ve introduced these amazing characters that have interacted with each other, each with their own ties to the organization that is Overwatch, and what do they do with it? Throw it all out the window, and have everyone just bash each other senselessly, regardless of their current faction, and team up with the enemy. As a fan, I want to know more about the characters, I want to know the lore, and I want to connect with the characters. If everything goes well, Insurrection will be fans first chance to experience all of those things. It even has new skins, for those fans that want the full experience. (including cyborg genji)


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