Darkseid is BADASS


Poated by Pascal C.

Darkseid game play released and he is badass. In every way from his character powers to his character attitude, Darkseid looks awesome. His fighting stance is so cool and arrogant with his hands behind his back because knows that no one is on his level. He plays like a zoner character which means he can control where the opposing character fights. If he wants to keep the distance then he can use his omega beams to keep them away and control the pace. But the cool thing about Darkseid is that his omega beams don’t just push away like a traditional zoner character shooting bullets or lasers because his omega beams can go in any direction he wants. Netherrealm perfectly animated/programmed his omega beams in this game. ¬†Darkseid’s omega laser beams can hit the character from behind, underneath, overhead, or wherever he wants. This may seem like a cheap zoner character but Nethrrealm usually does a good job at making the characters on par with one another. To bad that this character is a pre-order character only on launch. Pre-ordering this game to get to play as Darkseid seems like a good trade off.


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