Hints from the “Uprising” Overwatch Comic

Post by: Darrell Keller

The new “Uprising” comic explores a little bit more of the Overwatch lore, and the politics of having elite hero squadrons. McCree finds some anti-air omnics in London and reports this back to Reyes, the leader of Blackwatch, the covert ops version of Overwatch. The leaders of Overwatch, Jack and Ana, have no idea what is going on but feel like they must do something about the terrorist attacks in London. This alludes to the seasonal event that overwatch has been building. Hopefully, players of overwatch will get to play through the events happening after the comic as a PVE. Along with this, there may be a myriad of new skins. It isn’t too much of a stretch to say that some of the overwatch variations and this new Genji skin (shown below) will be introduced to the game when the event launches. After all, the concept art is already drawn in the comic.

Genji still has his left nip

The comic also leaves us with a few questions that are left unanswered

  • What happens to Mondatta? We know he dies one year before the game takes place, and this comic seems to be quite some time before that.
  • Where did Tracer get that sweet Jacket?
  • How did Genji lose his left nipple?
  • Why is Torbjorn so salty?
  • How did Reyes get on the side of Talon?

In any case, it’s great that the Overwatch team has decided to delve deeper into it’s own lore, instead of giving us tabloid comics like the one they did for Christmas. It adds depth to the characters and gives players a story that helps them bond with the game. I look forward to the future event, especially if it ends up being a PVE.


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