Wot in tarnation are they doing to Lucio

Jeff Kaplan said during a reddit AMA that lucio didn’t feel “impactful” despite him being a very strong support character with a high pick percentage. Despite all the stats that say he’s a great character, he’s pretty boring to play. He has an aura heal and a weak weapon (Torbjorn’s turret does more damage). Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like you’re contributing to the game. Lucio has been updated in the PTR and he’s incredibly different. Now, instead of being the weak character he used to be, he’s a high speed close range healer. His healing is still an aura, but the aura’s range has been reduced to 1/3 of its existing value and heals for 50% more.

Wot in sound vibration

He also has a 25% increased damage value and a 20% speed boost while wall riding. This increased his survivability to brand new levels. His newfound speed and buffed healing made him nearly impossible to kill, so unfortunately, as of now, his self-healing has been reduced to be back to normal levels (20 hps). Stay tuned for more Jeff Kaplan news.maxresdefault


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