A breath of Breath of the Wild’s WILD Experience


Author: Blake Biehle 

In this post, I’ll be sharing what I think of Nintendo’s approach to a truly open world game. Before I get into the details, however, I would like to share my opinion of the game thus far. Now that I have owned the game for a few weeks, I have a much better grasp of the overall gameplay and what exactly this game has to offer. As of now, I have clocked over 50 hours of Breath of the Wild. With confidence, I can say that this game STILL lives up to the hype. This was mentioned in my previous post, but also was before I really dove into the game’s roots. Now I KNOW what I am talking about.

I am still amazed that this game has so much left for me to do, even after clocking in so any hours. Constantly, while exploring BotW’s massive world, I’ve been finding new areas to explore, more side quests to dive into, and I don’t feel the least bit overwhelmed. Usually with other open world games I’ve played like The Witcher 3 or Skyrim, I get so flustered due to all of the quests thrown at my side, and the constant need to explore every corner of every area of interest the first time I visit. The design of BotW, however, somehow prevents this from happening for me. It’s like I am just going with the flow. Whatever I find interesting at the time, I explore it. If there’s a side quest nearby, great, I’ll do it on my way back from claiming that tower or invading that enemy base. The ingenious design creates a flow for the player that feels natural, while also not bombarding the player with objectives they MUST complete.  If you don’t feel like invading that base, there are tons of other areas to explore, things to do. For this reason, BotW will always be one of my favorite games of all time.


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