Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite: Leaked Characters


Posted by Pascal C

Ultron, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Rocket Raccoon, Chun Li, Strider, and Chris Redfield are the 8 characters that were leaked to be in the upcoming Marvel Vs Capcom game. Hulk, Thor, and the rest were a given considering that they were already in the past games, but Rocket Raccoon and Ultron are completely new characters. Ultron is not only a new character, but is said to play a pivotal role as the main villain in the story mode. Another new element that this game is bringing to the table is the uses of the infinity stones from the marvel universe. The space, mind, soul, reality, time, and power stone. A player can choose a stone to work as an ability perk to use during the fight that changes the attributes of the characters a little.

Aside from game-play, unfortunately the colors of the game seem washed out and mild tones. I really hope that the game doesn’t decide to go with the washed out colors and stick to the original bright color pallet of the past games in the franchise. Also this game states that this is going to be 2v2 combat instead of the 3v3 combat from the last game. Is this is a good thing?


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