Bane is back but way different.

bane injustice 1

Injustice 2 has a lot of returning characters from the first game. Bane is one of those returning characters but unlike the iconic staple characters like Superman and Batman who play and look 90 percent the same, Bane is a character who the developers restarted from the ground up.  First of all Bane looks completely different. He is no longer the hulking wrestling luchador that he was in Injustice 1. He is still a big powerful character, but is not the ridiculously  big 9 foot tall monster he was. His outfit is not the luchador inspired costume but wears a dark venom filled futuristic outfit. His fighting style also changed up dramatically as well. In Injustuce 1 Bane fought more like a traditional wrestler. In Injustice 2 Bane’s fighting style is more mixed martial arts based. He still has his iconic wrestling moves like the back breaker he used to break batman, but he has more to his fighting arsenal now. Still not the fastest character, but the developers sped bane up while lowering his strength to balance things out. I like the direction that the developers went with the new Bane character gameplay, but I still hate the character costume. The character costume in Injustice 1 seemed to silly while the character costume in Injustice 2 seems to bland and boring. I hope that the character modifications that the game offers can completely change the Bane’s outfit.

bane injustuice 2.png


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