This week I decided to play on Steam and I came across Tattletail a seasonal horror game that features a frightening Furby doll. This game is a 90’s kid nightmare because you have to take care of a talking evil Furby know as Tattletail in the game and be cautious of mama Tattletail.The game shares a similar concept to how Five Nights at Freddy’s unveil the horror to the users. The game was released exclusively for steam on December 28, 2016, which makes it perfect to the plot of the game.


The gameplay begins five nights before Christmas and the first task is to secretly open the Christmas presents at night without waking up your parents.  It might sound easy but it’s difficult because the house is so dark and big. We also have no idea where the presents are located so we quietly look around the house. After finding the presents the Tattletail appears and that’s where the fun begins. You must complete each task that the Tattletail gives you such as feeding him, taking him upstairs or even wrapping him back again. Here’s the catch, to pass each level you must stay away from mama Tattletail but it gets complicated because the talking Tattletail makes a lot of sounds and that alerts the mama to your location. The game only allows the player to carry a single flashlight that needs battery life. Over the course of the game, eggs are distributed all around the house.  To successfully finish the game, the player must collect all 22 eggs to have a good ending. Overall the game is frightening because it makes you jump and scare off all your surroundings. The main task that stays on your mind is trying to keep the Tattletail happy for momma not to find you.


Tattletail received criticism from the public because of the similarities of the gameplay to Five Nights at Freddy’s. However, due to that controversy, a lot of players decided to give it a try and it became very successful on Steam.


I challenge you to play, the game is only $4.99 on Steam and it will take you back in time when you had a Furby doll that would all the sudden wake up for you to feed him.

Author: Sharon Salazar


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