Resident Evil

Many gamers say that in 1996 was the best year in gaming, so we are going to travel back in time to review Resident Evil.

The game is a survival video game released by Capcom a multi-million company known for Mega Man, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter and much more. Resident Evil was originally released for Sony’s PlayStation in 1996. To this day, the game has been one of the best sellers for the PlayStation consoles.


The game story sets out when a rescue and police officer vanish in a scary location where a dead plague is surrounding the city. The plague is spreading and people are dying and disappearing so they oddly find shelter at a creepy old mansion. That’s where the fun begins for the players. The game objective is to unveil the mystery of the mansion and most importantly survive. The player its challenge by the cinematic gameplay controlling the character’s angles by the cameras provided. The game provides an amazing scary experience inside the mansion with many abnormal creatures. You get things jumping out of every room so you know that it’s unsafe to be anywhere in the mansion. The game allows the player to carry weapons for protection use but they have to constantly switch for different ones. However, to get any weapons they must go to the mansions storage that is usually impossible to go because zombies or huge spiders are chasing after you. The sound design inside the game allows the player to feel adrenaline for escape under the dark.

The game received success from the audience and grew a millionaire franchise with more games, comics, and even Hollywood films. The most recent game, “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard” and movie, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” were released this year.

Resident Evil marked the new beginning of modern survival horror games, it features many tactics that current video games use to fulfill the horror genre.

Author: Sharon Salazar


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