Nintendo and the Mobile Scene

Author: Blake Biehle


Nintendo lately has been dominating the mobile gaming scene with their current apps. Their first release, named Pokémon Go, erupted into a social norm of sorts over just a few days. You could spot Pokémon trainers out and about around many public places across the globe. There was a point in time when it was impossible NOT to hear a story on the news about Pokémon Go. It was a wild time, and I think we all, for the most part, enjoyed it. It even encouraged people to go out and exercise! Eventually it died as quickly as it had gained popularity however. One thing that personally turned me off about Pokemon Go, however, was the fact that once you caught the Pokemon, then what? You can level it up and fight gyms but that is the whole app’s content. I personally cared very little for the gyms. All I wanted to do was collect as many Pokémon as I could, and that got old after a while. There was no way to fight other players with your Pokémon, which really made the app struggle in my opinion. There needs to be more possible interactions between the player and their Pokémon if they want to keep their players interested. Although I know that they added Pokémon from Generation 2 recently into Pokémon Go, how much longer will it be before everyone drops the app again? It needs more features.

Flash forward a few months prior to the release of Pokémon Go. Nintendo releases their next App, called Super Mario Run, on the app store. Now although this game also erupted rather quickly in terms of popularity, it was not nearly as accepted as Pokémon Go. For starters, and this also being the biggest reason of its lack of success, it was $10. This is an absurdly high price for a mobile game. I understand that Nintendo has implemented a large amount of levels and provided quality content, but most consumers will not pay that kind of money for a platforming app. Some will of course, but a large majority will not. Now Nintendo did provide a free demo that allowed the player to access the first few levels and that was cool. It’s not enough to persuade me to buy a $10 app though. It’s a shame rather because it was very addicting and I could see this being big among mobile consumers worldwide. Hopefully someday Nintendo will lower the price to something more reasonable.

Lastly, and this app by far is my favorite among the three Nintendo apps, we have Fire Emblem Heroes. This app does everything right. It’s extremely addicting, has endless content which appears to be updated regularly, has a collectible feature that is very addictive and feels rewarding, and best of all, IT’s FREE. I still play it every now and then, which is saying something because I lose interest rather quickly with a lot of things. One thing that really grabs the player is its strategic elements with every level. The increase in difficulty over time is also designed very well in my opinion. It doesn’t jump too far or stay at a steady level in terms of difficulty. The feature that everyone obsesses over though, is most definitely the collectible feature. It is so addicting to attempt to draw new characters for your army.


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