Smite-Who is Kuzenbo?

Post by: Darrell Keller

Kuzenbo is the first japanese guardian god to hit the smite roster, and I must say, he has quite the impact. At launch Kuzenbo received mixed reviews, some people said he was garbage tier, while others said he was really good. Not broken, but really good.

Naturally, after hearing another guardian got released, I had to see what the hype was about. After playing with his kit for about 2 hours, I came to the conclusion that he was a great guardian. Not in the typical heavy CC type of way, but because he plays how a guardian should play, as a giant angry meat shield.


Kuzenbo has a few tools at his disposal that help him achieve that aesthetic, like his passive, which literally just makes him take less damage the more he gets hit (up to 10%) and a spiky shield ability that lets damage bounce right off him and onto his attackers while removing some of the cooldown time on his primary damage, which is a little kappa named nene kappa. Kuzenbo throws this sucker at anyone or any wall, as nene kappa can bounce off walls and once nene stops spinning he pops out and attacks. This move is so awesome because it gives him RANGE, something that other guardians don’t have. Not only can nene bounce off walls to hit people, it can also chase people after it hits an enemy, meaning I can apply a gem of isolation to Kuzenbo to get those sick slows for an easy chase. Kuzenbo has cc as well but it isn’t that good. There is no stun, or root, but he can push enemies away and into walls making it useful to disrupt enemy team fights or chase bad guys. However, because he charges forward into the enemy for the push Kuzenbo risks himself every-single-time he wants to cc someone. His ult adds additional cc, but its honestly just sobek’s push but for a longer duration. It’s underwhelming, but it helps Kuzenbo secure kills and nudge enemies into bad positions. Overall, I would have to agree with what most people are saying, he’s really good, but not quite OP.


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