The Bastion Buff in Action

Post by : Darrell Keller

The much needed bastion buff has finally been implemented the ptr that completely changes the way that bastion plays. The update features a significant buff to bastions recon mode and a significant debuff to his sentry mode damage.

Notes from the overwatch website-

  • Configuration: Sentry
    • Deploy time decreased from 1.5 seconds to 1.0 second
    • Bullet spread increased by 50 percent
    • Bullet spread is always at maximum (it no longer increases as the weapon is fired)
    • Magazine size increased from 200 to 300
    • Headshot damage multiplier has been removed
    • No longer deals critical damage
  • Configuration: Recon
    • Bullet spread decreased by 25 percent
    • Magazine size increased from 20 to 25
  • Self-Repair
    • Can now be used while moving
    • Now bound to secondary fire (formerly Ability 2)
    • No longer interrupted by taking damage
    • A new resource meter has been added that deplete while Self-Repair is active and recharges when not in use
  • Configuration: Tank
    • No longer grants bonus armor
  • Bastion has a new passive: Ironclad
    • Bastion takes 35% less damage while in Sentry or Tank configuration

One of the main concerns is that the reduced spread of the gun and upgraded healing will put Bastion in the same playstyle as Soldier 76. However, even though they have similar playstyles now because of their healing and accurate rapid fire weaponry, Soldier 76 players should still find themselves in a good position to outplay bastion players because of the helix rocket’s additional burst damage and increased utility ring heal that soldier has vs. the self heal that bastion has.

No speed buff for you buddy…

The speed buff that bastion was predicted to have was not implemented. Instead, the developers have opted for more survivability and mode swapping speed. His new passive gives him 35% damage mitigation while in sentry mode or tank configuration. However, with that buff came another debuff. He does not have bonus armor while in tank configuration.

Overall, I’d say this was an overall buff to Bastion as a whole and I’m excited to play him when these updates finally take effect.


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