VR Chat? What is that?

vrchatVR Chat is a free VR application that work as a VR hangout place. User can meet other people in VR Chat, and chat or play mini games with them. User can choose their appearance from a set of preset models, or user can upload their own model  and animation as well.

When user first joined VR Chat, they are teleported to the main hang out hall, which is an area that work as a lobby. There are different portal user can take to teleport to other “room”. There are preset room that allow user to play space ball, shooting range and other mini games. User can also create their own content and upload it to VR Chat, and you can summon a portal to show your friends what you created. I once joined a stranger to a VR club that he made. He even have a little laptop in the VR space that can control the music, video and light in the club! It was awesome!

If you are a VR user can never tried VR Chat, you should come hang out with us! There are weekly event that hosted by the developers, they even host online class that teach people how to create content for VR Chat!


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