Dream Drop Distance HD’s AMAZING Opening Cinematic

Author: Liam Riker 

As hinted in my last post, where I analyzed Dream Drop Distance HD’s Flowmotion movement and combat system after opening up my pre-ordered copy of Kingdom Hearts 2.8: Final Chapter Prologue, the time has come to discuss Dream Drop Distance HD’s incredibly impressive opening cinematic. The cinematic is by far my favorite of the Kingdom Hearts series and shows just how far the graphics have come since the original came out in 2002. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

When I first saw this opening cinematic a month ago, I was gawking like a fool. I’ve always been a huge Kingdom Hearts fanboy, so when I saw this beautiful homage to all the previous main entries in the Kingdom Hearts series, I was speechless. Everything about this opening cinematic is so incredibly well done, from the brilliant choreography, that seamlessly blends each Kingdom Hearts game one right after the other, to the perfect synchronization of the iconic Kingdom Hearts song, Hikari, this time in orchestral form.

This opening cinematic is also loaded with content that hints to the future of the Kingdom Hearts series, that will finally be revealed in the massively anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3, which I still have faith will come out in 2018. The final sequence of this opening cinematic is the biggest testament to things to come in the series, as we get a glimpse of who all could possibly be the Seven Pieces of Light.


However, to me the most charming thing about this entire trailer, is the little 2D Mickey that appears of the bottom of the screen throughout a majority of the trailer. You’ll see this 2D Mickey conducting the symphony behind Hikari, hanging on for dear life as things start to get intense, cowering in fear, and then finally leaping into the 3D Cinematic himself to take on the malevolent Xehanort. This final animation, where Mickey literally jumps into action, is supposed to represent the Kingdom Hearts game franchise literally jumping into 3D, as this game was originally released on the 3DS, and is used pretty effectively in my opinion to convey this symbolism.

Overall the opening to Dream Drop Distance, now in its HD remastered form, is gorgeous, brilliantly edited and a cinematic masterpiece to behold. In a series that’s known for it’s breathtaking opening cinematics, it’s truly impressive when one stands out as much as this one does.


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