Club Penguin set to CLOSE?

Post By: Darrell Keller

I haven’t played this game in ages, but this news still hurts

Many games have flourished on the mobile platform, but in my opinion club penguin is one that should stay on the PC. Unfortunately, my opinion is not fact, and club penguin is indeed making a total shift onto the mobile market. For many years of my childhood, club penguin was my kid friendly gateway to the internet, a place for playing fun games on the same place I did homework, and a great place to beat other kids at connect four. This game also has this incredible adventure you could go on after you get stranded where you have to do practical things to make it out safely, like start a fire with just things you might find in a car. With the transition to mobile, I only see less flexibility and diversity in the types of games they can put on club penguin and potential loss in incredible adventures like this. After seeing this I can only see a decision made in greed. Perhaps Club penguin is trying to get onto the gold-rush of free to play microtransaction games, but I might be wrong. Maybe, they can pioneer some truly creative content for the mobile gaming community.

Regardless, I’m still salty. You can find their giant mistake right here.


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