Bastion gets a new buff

Post by: Darrell Keller

Bastion has been rumored to be getting a buff for some time now. As far as competitive play has gone there hasn’t been much Bastion players because he has been seen as an incredibly niche character. If anybody wanted to play him in the past, and use him effectively, they would have to pick him on defence and switch off of him so that they could get to the point faster. Why? Because as it sits, Bastion does not have any abilities that help him move around. This puts him in quite the rut because overwatch is a fast paced game that relies heavily on team based playing. If bastion cannot get to objectives in time, his team may be dead before he can help.

This ‘lil sucker is in for a bumpy ride

However, yesterday, a ray of hope shone from the blizzard office on to Bastion’s metallic face. Buff details have been released, and are as follows…

Here are some high level stuff we’re likely to have testable in the next PTR:

Recon Mode – Lowered spread and increased magazine size, to help with general viability in this mode.

Sentry Mode – We’re looking at focusing this mode into more of a tank-buster and barrier-buster mode, while also making it feel less suicidal to be transformed. To that end we’re testing stuff like increased spread and removing headshots, but taking less damage while transformed.

Self-Repair – We’ve been testing a few big changes to this that are feeling really good so far. Currently our internal build has Bastion able to use Self-Repair while moving and also having it no longer interrupted when taking damage. To balance that out it is now on a resource system (similar to the route D.Va’s defense matrix went). These changes have turned this ability from a more niche rarely used ability, to a much more powerful and core survivability tool.

We’re still testing and tweaking things with Bastion but we’ll hopefully have a PTR build coming fairly soon so you guys can try it out!

Now this update hasn’t really fixed the whole Bastion speed issue, but still is a step in the right direction. His self repair has got to be one of the more game changing additions to Bastion as it allows him to move as he heals. This means he won’t be as stationary as a target as he was in the past, and allows him to quickly get back into battles. As for the other updates on his sentry mode, they seem to be more of a nerf than anything. By removing headshots and increasing spread, his damage AND his range will be significantly dropped.Hopefully, Geoff can make it work, but the future for Bastion players looks bleak.


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