Potential *NEW* way to pre-order the Nintendo Switch

Author: Blake Biehle


Can’t get your hands on a Nintendo Switch pre-order? Bummed that you missed your opportunity just hours after they opened? Don’t lose hope, there may still be a relatively easy way to obtain one! I, among others, carelessly waited days after pre-orders opened, and was bitterly disappointed. Thankfully, this relatively easy option may still be around for everyone.

I had heard from a separate online source that Walmart was still giving out pre-orders if you simply ask for one in the electronics section. Minutes after I heard this information, I made a quick stop to my local Walmart. To my surprise, they did. However, I was told that only at midnight would they would give out the Switch pre-orders. Is this the same for all Walmart stores? I honestly have no idea. After hearing this information I assumed that there would be a long line for Switch pre-orders. I mean pre-orders that still exist over a week after they already sold out? Madness. I needed to get there early in order to ensure my success.

In response, my friends and I arrived at our local Walmart a solid hour and a half before pre-orders opened. Surprisingly, no one was there. We camped out around the electronic section flocking the desk to make sure a line wouldn’t form behind our backs (yes we were that paranoid). Surprisingly, by midnight that night, no one had showed up other than us. We all managed to get our Switch pre-orders locked and loaded easily. All we had to do was wait around for over an hour. That sure beats showing up to the store who knows how ungodly early, not even guarantying a console in possession on release day.

The employees at the electronics desk said that they were handing out pre-orders at midnight each night for a while, so if you are still looking for a pre-order you should ask your local Walmart. I’m not sure how long these will be available or if this technique even still works, but I would ask as soon as possible nonetheless. They may only be doing this for a couple more weeks.

Good luck everyone on hunting for those Switch preorders! If you managed to get a pre-order this way let me know in the comments below! I’m curious to see if anyone else has had the same success as I have.


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