Swamp Thing Revealed in Injustice 2

Post By: Pascal C.

Swamp thing may not be the most popular or mainstream character in the DC universe, but he has had following that has demanded him to be in injustice 2 since the game was announced over a year ago. Two weeks ago when Batman villain Poison Ivy was announced, all hopes of Swamp Thing being a playable character seemed to vanish. Poison Ivy would  play similar to Swamp Thing because of their similar powers and abilities, so no one thought that the studio Netherrealm would invest time into making two similar characters. Today Swamp Thing was confirmed with his game play trailer released.

Swamp Thing seems to be a power character with attacks on the slower side but dealing heavy damage. His play style compares to Solomon Grundy in the first Injustice game but with more ranged attacks. Swamp Things brutal super move did not disappoint with him dragging a player underground and breaks the back of the opponent character. It seems like Netherrealm is giving the fans what they asked for with the reveal of Swamp Thing and Blue Beetle. Fan favorite character demands are constantly being tweeted at Netherrealms creative director Ed Boon. The most being Constantine, Beast Boy, and Spawn. Only time will tell if fans get to see these unique characters in the game.  Along with Beast Boy, Batman villain Scarecrow is someone that I want to see.


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