Slender Man

In 2009 a haunting Photoshop image of an abnormally tall man wearing a black suit with no facial features became a paranormal contest winner. The image immediately exploded with popularity and the character became known as The Slender Man. In 2slender-man012 game designer Mark J. Hadley release, Slender: The Eight Pages, a short first-person survival horror game for PC and Mac users. The game is a center where the player’s only mission is to find eight manuscripts about the Slender Man while escaping and avoiding any contact with him. During the mission, you will find yourself in an eerie environment such as an abandoned forest, farm, school and many more frightening places. You will be armed with only a torch that has a limited battery which makes the player wonder in darkness most of the time.  You don’t want to run out of battery because if Slender man finds you the terror begins. The games’ horrific feel is experienced during the exploration of the manuscripts. The dread kicks in when you find yourself alone in the middle of nowhere and creaking lonely sound noises emerge. If you are found by the mission is considered a failure and you must try again. However, if you collect all the eight pages a new game mode is unlocked for you to play. The game popularity rose despite the game limitations, and many players requested for more versions.


A sequel game was released in 2013 named Slender: The Arrival and it was expanded for PS4 and Xbox users worldwide. The fascination of Slender Man didn’t end there; it grew around the world and many people claim to see and having contact with Slender Man. The internet nightmare became real that even HBO created a documentary titled, Beware the Slenderman depicting the crime case where two young girls attempted to kill a classmate by stabbing her 19 times in the woods to demonstrate loyalty to Slender Man. The Slender Man phenomenal is still rising, and the first original game Slender: Eight Pages is still one of the most critical acclaim scary games. Since it’s free it’s worth checking out.

Author: Sharon Salazar


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