Injustice 2 Story Trailer

Pascal Cuestas Post:

NetherRealm’s upcoming title Injustice 2 had its story trailer recently released. Unlike most other popular fighting games like the Tekken and Street Fighter series, NetherRealm studios has always consistently puts effort into making an interesting full-fledged story for the player.

The trailer showed some hints of what the aftermath that Superman’s tyranny in the first Injustice game would be without giving away to much since the game has a few more months until its release in May. Aside from a story reveal, this trailer also showcased new  and returning characters not previously announced. NetherRealm is notorious for withholding what playable characters will be in their upcoming games until the moment before the game is released. Unsurprisingly, the trailer showed primarily new batman characters since the batman universe is considered to have the best villains. However, probably the biggest reveal of the trailer was that the Superman villain Brainiac would be in this game. Also judging from Brainiac’s surprise role as the narrator of the trailer, it can be concluded that he will most likely be the main villain of this game. Many thought the main villain would have been Darkseid, but at the end of the trailer Darkseid is shown to be solely a pre-order bonus character which ultimately dismisses that theory.

Injustice 2 Story Trailer:


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